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We started from scratch so we know what it means when you have a capacity for work but not enough funds to set up a business activity.

For that reason, our idea of setting up a new restaurant operated under a franchise agreement has been constructed in a way as to reduce the initial contribution. With the protocols that we have developed, first profit appears quickly. Therefore, with the development of the business, it is easier to invest in the restaurant. From our personal experience, the estimated cost needed to set up the restaurant is about 40000 - 50000 PLN under the assumption that we own a proper place that needs to be just freshen up. At the beginning, the kitchen equipment will cost approximately 12000 PLN so it will stay within the budget mentioned. Obviously, this is an estimated cost, however, taking into consideration at least 6 restaurants, it is close to accurate.

For its part, we offer a recipe for success. The franchise package includes:
  • the compedium of knowledge and experiences. Our know-how, tens pages long instruction which contains every detail of how to conduct the business.

  • real and substantial help on furnishing and purchasing equipment. We have extensive contacts in the industry, therefore we are able to get high discounts on your purchase.

  • free participation in cyclical and global marketing campaigns.

  • mobile apps for iOS and Android, a website, a corporate e-mail address in the domain.

  • a Facebook account and the know-how to efficiently manage it; we can also manage the account for you.

  • free support and assistance throughout the time of the agreement.

  • personalized sales system on-line UpMenu

  • from now on, an option of an assistant who will help you open a restaurant.

The cost associated with the franchise agreement are among the lowest in Poland. Entry licence fee paid when the contract is signed stands at 8000 PLN. Monthly payments start from 1000 PLN!

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If you are seriously interested in setting up "Krówka i Połówka" bistro, please contact us. Fill in the form and we will get back to you.

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