About us

About us

Excellent quality
fresh products
  • Exceptional quality of the burgers, excellent ingredients, food prepared on the spot, attention to details and a perfect staff - all of these features guarantee success.

  • Krówka i Połówka is a locally recognizable brand and since March 2008 it has been prepared to extend the internal market. Thousands of satisfied customers cannot be wrong. Try our burgers now!

Krówka i Połówka bistro is a place which combines fantastic taste, great sense of style and nice atmosphere. But let us start from the very beginning...
  • We took a risk
    to create something brand new

    In August 2016 the three of us decided to take a chance and invest all our modest savings to build something out of nothing. We gave up our current jobs and focused on one thing - to run our own business. Thanks to our hard work, determination and great enthusiasm we managed to open our first burger restaurant in Starachowice. Our idea took hold and the quality of the products we have offered since the very beginning won acclaim. Krówka i Połówka became famous in the city and guests from other towns started to visit us too. Soon we decided to open new places in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski and Skarżysko.

  • Slow-food

    Our cuisine is based on the slow food idea. We use only fresh and unprocessed products which we usually purchase from local proven supplier. It is important to know that neither we use frozen meat nor microwave ovens. Fresh certified high-quality beef is minced every day and prepared for grilling. We serve the meat in three degrees of doneness: rare, medium and well done. Such process would be impossible to achieve with frozen meat.

    Not only is Krówka i Połówka known for its burgers but also we offer a wide range of alcoholic drinks which will surely meet your expectation. Branded whisky, vodka, beer as well as regional craft breweries. We put quality first so our products are always fresh and genuine. We serve juice, not nectar. Shake is made of milk and beer or mulled wine is served with original spices.

Try and find out for yourself!
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